The Golden Ball and the Well

Pease Blossom
16 August
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As an infant I was taken away from my human parents by my Fairy Godmother, along with my twin sister. In the pursuit and the storm of our passage, alas, my sister was lost, never to be found. The Sea had taken her. Mother took me away to her land, where I lived in a small, thatched cottage, above a beach, that was surrounded with roses. I had my beautiful mother sometimes to attend to my needs, but she often left me with a bear as my nurse; or in the care of the wandering wizard who was her friend. It was one of those perfect, sunshine sweet sort of upbringings. I played with the talking beasts. I learned from the wisest of the wise. I had the bravest of heroes to protect me in fatherly fashion, and later to introduce me to love. I am grown now, and I still dwell here in my cottage, but my lovers pale, and my food no longer has it's savor. More and more I gaze at the distant horizon, or upward at the mountains. I know soon I must make a journey. I would wish for only one thing before I embark: that my true love come forward to travel with me, because I know, when I go, I shan't return; and if he doesn't come with me, we will not meet again for eons perhaps. I must go soon though, or die here.

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